Annual Camp 2019

Stroud Valleys Woodcraft Folk Camp 2019!

24th - 28th May

at Ashen Plains campsite, nr Dursley


It's time again for our wonderful annual camp! We are returning to Ashen Plains near Dursley, which has provided such a beautiful location for our last four years' events.

Bookings now open


Adults attending camp must hold a current Woodcraft Folk membership and DBS certificate, to comply with our safeguarding policy and insurance. Please contact Lis Parker or your group membership leader as soon as possible to find out more about this requirement.

This year we will be going vegan! Vegan is healthy for humans, animals and the planet and SVWF like to join in with the planetary call for increased environmental awareness especially from young people 

Stroud Woodcraft Camp is also a low tech camp and we discourage mobile phone use. we accept that adults will need mobiles for emergencies and we ask that you use your mobile away from the main camp. 

Camp fees - booking closes May 6th 2019 

Adults (16+) & Venturers (13+)

  • £60

Elfins and Pioneers (6-12s)

  • £50 

Woodchips (under 6s)

  • £40


 Early Bird - if paid before 10th April 2019


Adults (16+) & Venturers (13+)

  • £50 

Elfins and Pioneers (6-12s)

  • £40

Woodchips (under 6s)

  • £30



Dates, times, location

Camp starts at 4pm on Friday 25th May and finishes at 3pm on Tuesday 28th May. Tuesday is a packing up day and a final circle. we need people to stay and help tidy up too

Location: Ashen Plains Wood, Stinchcombe Hill, Dursley GL11 6AD (website) (location - google maps)

We welcome everyone to camp 

We hope that that everyone will attend for the full camp as this provides continuity for the camp community including Clan membership (see below), and a safe feeling about the space.

If you can't come for the whole time and still want to come, please get in touch with Camp Chief Lorraine Trowers:

Key camp roles

Camp is a communal affair that works best if all the tasks are spread around a group of people. There are a few key roles which underpin all the logistics and the activities. So each year we ask for volunteers to fill these important roles.

It's always evolving, and we like to see the roles passed onto a new person each year, which gives the chance for a new generation to add their own unique slant.

Each camp role holder will have loads of support and guidance from camp veterans so they can really get to enjoy it without worrying too much about getting it wrong.

Taking a leading role at camp is a chance to be part of great team, and be much more involved in creating an enriching and often magical experience for everyone, so please volunteer if you would like to be involved in any of the following roles:

Camp Chief/Circle Holder

  • Acts as conduit for information, is guardian of the values and the overall smooth running of the camp

Folk and Craft Marshals

  • Responsible for planning and leading activities, arts, games, including the all important wide game, Pea Fair and the Merry Moot (cabaret)

Keeper of the Provender (KP)

  • Responsible for planning meals, ordering food and supporting the clans in their cooking duties

Keepers of the Environment

  • Responsible for the minimisation, re-use and recycling and containment of all waste on site

Keeper of the Fire

  • Responsible for sourcing wood and kindling for the camp fire and the wood-fired stove aka Puffing Billy. Building, lighting and maintaining a camp fire each night and lighting Puffing Billy each morning

Kit Marshals

  • Responsible for transporting and setting up the main tents and infrastructure of the camp. Maintains and carries out running repairs as necessary

First Aiders

  • On duty for emergencies requiring attention and for promoting Health & Safety on site


Everyone attending (whatever age) helps with the daily tasks of running the camp, within a team which we call a Clan. These are sorted out before camp and made up of a mixture of people of all ages and experience. Each clan has one duty a day: cooking, washing up, toilets, water, cocoa. We like to put families into different Clans so that children get the chance to be independent and learn and interact with different ages and people, not just their parent.


All food is provided except dinner on Friday evening. Lunch will be provided on Tuesday before we leave the site.

If you have special dietary requirements you will probably need to bring what you need as it is not easy for the KP to provide for everyone. We provide for gluten free and vegan only

Booking info


Please read the information and instructions below carefully.

To book on camp please complete a Camp Registration Form - one form for each person attending camp - and then arrange payment.

The SVWF Committee have set the fees as low as we think reasonable, given the costs of camp. However we do not wish finances to be a barrier to attendance.

If you need to pay a reduced amount in order to attend, then please discuss this with Lorraine Trowers prior to completing payment.

Please calculate your total payment due carefully and then pay either by bank transfer or Go Cardless

1. Paying by BACS (bank transfer) - 

Details: Stroud Valleys Woodcraft Folk. Co-Operative Bank. Sort code: 089250 Account no: 65028580

Please put your name as the reference so we can track payments.

2. Paying through Go Cardless 

If you not already signed up to Go Cardless you can fill in the form here


If you want to pay your camp fee by Go Cardless, in addition to having set up the direct debit, please email Kate on saying that you agree to SVWF using the direct debit to take the camp fees,saying how much your camp fees add up to in total so that she knows how much money to take.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at camp!