Subs payments

 Subs Payments

For every child or young person attending our Woodcraft groups a subscription fee must be paid. Subs are due termly, at the start of each term, for all sessions whether or not your child attends each one.

Subs are paid by direct debit, the details of which are shown below. (other arrangements for payment can be made if needed)


As of February 2024, our subs are as follows:

  •    For 1 child: £21/term for a fortnightly group*
  •   For 2nd child in family (in same or other group): , £14/term for fortnightly groups

Please ensure you pay your subs promptly and in full, as we need them for the groups to function, and it is not fair on the group finance leader to have to chase payments.

If paying subs presents a difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the District Treasurer ( - we will be happy to discuss this in confidence and come to a suitable agreement with you.

Paying by direct debit

It is very straightforward to sign up to the direct debit system. Payments are collected on our behalf by Go Cardless at the beginning of each term - 15th January, 15th May and 15th September. Please complete the form via the link below:

Once the form is completed you will then be added to the relevant payment plan for your child.

* Weekly groups currently are: Budding Woodchips, Willow Elfins, Acorn Pioneers. Fortnightly groups are: Sycamore Elfins, Buttercup Venturers

Other costs to being part of Woodcraft Folk

The subs payments should cover the costs of all termly activities for the group. It is unusual for groups to request any additional money except for special activities.

Other activities, in particular our annual camp in May, have their own fees. Attendance at events such as national or regional training days may be subsidised in order to make participation more accessible to all.


Membership of National Woodcraft Folk

The primary extra cost for being part of Woodcraft Folk is membership of the national Woodcraft Folk organisation. Further information about joining can be found at The cost is £36.90/year, or £12/year for lower income or unwaged adults.

Our policy is that once a child has been attending their group for half a term, any of their parents involved in helping to run the group must join Woodcraft Folk as an adult member. This is a requirement in order for us to comply with our safeguarding policy, the terms of our insurance and affiliation to the Woodcraft Folk.

 As part of the joining process you will be asked to do a DBS safeguarding check. See the joining page above for more information about this. It is extremely important to us that all our involved adults, parents and supporters are members of the organisation.