SVWF Committee

Stroud Valleys Woodcraft Folk is a democratic, co-operative organisation that encourages all members to become involved in leadership and decision-making processes.

We have regular District Meetings where all groups are represented and which all members are invited to attend and speak.

As part of our Constitution, we have some members elected to the committee, with responsibility for certain aspects of the running of the District. The committee may occasionally meet to address particular issues and to come up with proposals to be submitted for approval at a district meeting.

General enquiries can be addressed to

Committee members

Chair:  Alastair Somerville (meetings only)

Our Chair is responsible for the overall governance of the District, ensuring we abide by our policies and good practice, acting as a spokesperson for the District and managing our complaints procedure when necessary. They chair our regular district meetings and represent the District at area network meetings.

District Events Co-ordinators: Alison Lloyd and Emma Somerville

Responsible for overseeing the activities we do as a district - camps, moving up ceremonies, training events etc - and for sharing information across all of the groups

Secretary: Alix Chalk
Our Secretary is responsible for supporting the Chair with the development and application of policies, and the organisation and minuting of district meetings.

Treasurer:  Katherine Roberts  

Responsible for finance, accounts , bank

Membership Secretary: Katherine Roberts

Safeguarding Lead: Alix Chalk

Our safeguarding officer is responsible for ensuring we are well-trained, informed and aware of how to keep everyone safe at and around all of our activities. They are a confidential and experienced point of contact for any concerns about a child's safety or welfare, or any behaviour that raises serious concerns.

Guardian/Inclusion:  Nicki Nathan

Our Guardian is the person responsible for ensuring we as a District celebrate and implement our ethos of inclusion, co-operation, peace and internationalism.

Equipment officers: Alison LloydHugh 

Publicity officer: all members

Group Leads


Coordinator: Martha Sheppard


Health and Safety:




Health and Safety:

Pioneers (on hold)



Health and Safety:


Coordinator: Alix Chalk

Safeguarding: Clare Hopton

Health and Safety: Katherine Roberts


Coordinator: Molly Hawker