Annual Camp registration form

This form must be completed for each person going on camp.

Primary phone number to use in relation to this booking
A second phone number, for example any other person to contact during the camp
Please give any dietary requirement information if applicable, eg intolerances, allergies, vegetarian, vegan
Please provide details of any medical conditions, allergies or disabilities that the camp leaders should be aware of. E.g. learning disability, mobility restrictions, allergies, asthma, diabetes, migraines, epilepsy, bad period pains or any other.
Tick this box if this registration is for a child attending camp without their parent/guardian.
Every adult (16 and over) attending camp must have current Woodcraft Folk membership and a current, checked* DBS certificate. Please tick to confirm that you meet these criteria. If you do not meet both, or are unsure, please arrange to get your membership and/or DBS application or renewal completed as soon as possible. * Current means issued within the last 3 years. Checked means that your certificate has been checked by your group or district membership secretary and details have been returned to WF head office.
Please use this field to include any notes or questions relating to this registration, particularly if you are unsure about any of the options you have chosen above.